Katie Norman

Areas of expertise

  • Radar and observational products
  • Radar technology and hardware.

Current activities

Katie leads the newly-formed Nowcasting Science team. The role of the team is to carry out research and development to improve the Met Office's nowcasting capability by exploiting observations.

Career background

After joining the Met Office in 2008, Katie worked on algorithm development for reducing and quantifying uncertainties in radar rainfall estimates and nowcasts before moving to work on the implementation of the Weather Radar Network Renewal Project. In 2014 Katie returned to lead the Radar Products R&D team on projects to realise the benefit of the dual polarisation radar network and blend radar estimates of rainfall with rain-gauge measurements. In 2017 Katie started to manage the Met Office's UK Science Partnerships; The Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP) and the Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme (JWCRP). Katie is currently the Nowcasting Science Manager, working to exploit our observations capability to improve our nowcasts.


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