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Katie Norman

Katie leads the Radar Products Research and Development team who are responsible for improving quantitative precipitation estimates (QPE) and deriving new products from radar.

Areas of expertise:

  • Quantitative precipitation estimates from radar
  • Detection of birds using weather radar
  • Quantifying uncertainty in radar QPE using ensemble techniques and propagation of uncertainties in nowcasts
  • Radar hardware installation

Current activities

Currently Katie is looking at how the processing of radar data can best meet varying users needs and how to use dual polarisation from our upgraded weather radar network to improve the accuracy of radar products.

Career background

Katie has worked in weather radar research since 2008. On joining the Met Office, Katie worked primarily on algorithm development for improving, and quantifying uncertainties in, QPEs before moving to the Radar Hardware R&D team to work on the Weather Radar Network Renewal Project. Before joining the Met Office, Katie completed an undergraduate Masters in Physics at the University of Bath with a research placement at the Met Office.


  • Pierce C., Seed A. and Norman K. 2013: Formulation and evaluation of a scale decomposition-based stochastic precipitation nowcast scheme. Water Resources Research 49(10) p6624-6641
  • Harrison, D.L., Norman, K., Pierce, C. and Gaussiat, N, 2012: Radar Products for Hydrological Applications in the UK. Proceedings of the ICS - Water Management, Volume 165, Issue 2 p89-103
  • Pierce C., Norman K. and Seed A., 2011: Use of ensemble radar estimates of precipitation rate within a stochastic, quantitative precipitation nowcasting algorithm. The International Symposium on Weather Radar and Hydrology (WRaH) 2011, International Association of Hydrological Sciences Publication 351.

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