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Lois Huggett

Lois helps to maintain and improve the Met Office's Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment (NAME).

Areas of expertise

Lois's areas of expertise include:

  • IDL and FORTRAN programming
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Lagrangian dispersion models
  • Dispersion response for volcanic and nuclear incidents

Current activities

Lois works within the Atmospheric Dispersion Research and Response Group and is responsible for helping to maintain and improve Met Office Dispersion Model.

Lois has recently worked on understanding the likely effects and implications of a large volcanic eruption of Katla in Iceland, and produced graphics showing the age of circulating volcanic ash from the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajokull.

Career background

Lois graduated from the University of Exeter in 2003 with a BSc in Theoretical Physics before going on to study for a PhD in modelling chiral carbon nanotubes, then a PGCE in secondary science in 2007.

Lois joined the Met Office in August 2008, as part of the Atmospheric Dispersion Group.

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