An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Luke Roberts

Areas of expertise

  • Climate modelling
  • Polar oceanography
  • Collaborative model development

Current activities

Luke is a member of the Unified Model (UM) Partnership team and supports Partners using and developing the UM. His work focuses on facilitating the collaboration and development of global coupled and climate model configurations through day-to-day technical support and managing the provision of model configurations. He also helps coordinate training and workshop activities with active collaborators, including scientists from operational centres and universities across the UM Partnership.

Luke also contributes to ongoing research activities and model development within the Met Office.

Career background

Luke joined the Met Office in September 2021. He is a graduate from the University of Bristol and University of Oslo with a background in oceanography and Earth observation and his academic interests lie in polar science. His master's thesis focused on the development and analysis a new code for Southern Ocean Argo data, as part of a jointly funded project between European Research Council and National Oceanography Centre.