Dr Maria Athanassiadou

Areas of expertise

  • Orographic flows & Gravity Waves
  • Mesoscale Meteorology
  • Atmospheric Modelling
  • Dispersion Modelling & Applications
  • Inverse Methods Modelling
  • Satellite Meteorology

My Publications - Athanassiadou, M

Current activities

Maria joined Satellite Applications in December 2013. She is in the Satellite Imagery Applications Group, working on retrievals of SO2 emissions from volcanoes. The research focuses on the development of the retrieval algorithm and the investigation of sensitivities and uncertainties in the retrieved SO2 parameters (plume height, spread, load etc).

Career Background

Maria did her PhD at Reading University with Professor AJ Thorpe on mesoscale orographic flows. Her first postdoctoral position was at Reading University, working on the European project ANOMALIA investigating severe precipitation events in the Western Mediterranean. Maria held a second postdoctoral position with ENFLO, University of Surrey, working on wind tunnel measurements of flow and surface drag over series of low and high rough wall hills.

Maria joined the Met Office in October 1998 as a research scientist in the Orography Group in Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations. In 2004 she joined the Atmospheric Dispersion Group working first on implementation of a chemistry scheme in the NWP model and limited area versions of the UM (AQUM), and subsequently being the PI on the European project NitroEurope estimating methane and nitrous oxide on a European scale, using inversion (top down) methods.