Dr Marion Mittermaier

Areas of expertise

  • Hydro- meteorology.
  • Statistics.
  • Specialised observations: e.g. radar.

My Publications - Mittermaier, M

Current activities

Marion manages the Model Diagnostics and Novel Verification team which is part of the Verification, Impacts and Post-Processing team. The wider Verification group focuses on providing robust, relevant, useful and understandable metrics and advice on the end-to-end performance of our forecast system. Being more diagnostic, the team is also building links with the Forecast model development and diagnostics team which focuses on evaluating physical processes in the Unified Model. This is important in the context of bridging the gap between short-range NWP and seasonal, decadal and climate simulations.

Marion's current focus is considering the impact of observation uncertainty on verification metrics. She is leading the "Mesoscale Verification Inter-Comparison over Complex Terrain" (MesoVICT) project together with other international colleagues, which investigates quantifying observation uncertainty, and how to incorporate this into spatial verification methods. She is also involved in shaping a future post-processing strategy and ensuring that the verification and post-processing are better linked to maximise future forecast improvements.

Career background

Marion joined the Met Office in February 2004. She started work in the Mesoscale Forecast model development and diagnostics group, where she tested, developed and implemented new spatial verification methods for high-resolution precipitation forecasts. She was also involved in in-depth diagnostic studies of cloud parameters and visibility, and devised new formulations of key performance metrics. She also conducted modelling sensitivity experiments of resolved convection in the tropics (using a high-resolution version of the Unified Model).

She has been managing the verification team since late 2008 where she has responsibility for a team of scientists and software engineers that are, in turn, responsible for developing and maintaining the operational verification systems. In recent times, the wider group has been split in two, and the emphasis is on developing and implementing diagnostic methods which help to identify and assess systematic model behaviour.

Prior to joining the Met Office Marion completed a PhD at the University of Reading (2003), which focused on exploiting the synergy between model forecasts and radar. Her under-graduate background is in Applied Mathematics, Meteorology and Statistics. She started her career at the South African Weather Service in 1995 working on analysing aircraft in-situ observations of cloud-aerosol interactions, and microphysical processes in thunderstorms, storm dynamics (using radar data), and hydrometeorology. She has lectured post-graduate courses in cloud dynamics and radar meteorology.

External Recognition

Marion is the co-chair of the WMO World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research (JWGFVR), and is a member of the WMO Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) Task Team (TT) on global surface verification. She has also been a member of the verification sub-group to the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). She is a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.