An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Mark Weeks

Areas of expertise

  • Technical aspects of setting up high-resolution models
  • Evaluation of model performance through verification and statistical analysis methods
  • Diagnose sources of forecast error within the Unified Model
  • Incorporate new dynamical, physical and technical developments into the model configurations
  • Fortran programming

My Publications - Weeks, M

Current activities

Mark works within the Mesoscale Forecast model development and diagnostics and diagnostics group, whose work includes the development and performance evaluation of high-resolution models used within the Met Office to provide short-range weather forecasts. Specifically Mark is responsible for the commercial models maintained within the mesoscale group. Firstly in terms of the incorporation of new developments into the models through the parallel suite testing system, and secondly through setting up new model configurations in response to new customers or internal projects.

Mark also assists in providing support to the development of the UK local area models and the AQUM model (Air Quality in the Unified Model).

Career background

Mark has been a member of the Mesoscale model development and diagnostics group since he joined the Met Office in December 2007. Prior to this he completed a PhD in Fluid Dynamics at the University of Exeter, and then worked as a post-doctorate researcher in computational fluid dynamics at the University of Aveiro in Portugal.