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Dr Mary Forsythe

Mary works in Satellite Applications

Mary's role is to lead and manage the Satellite Winds and Active Sensing Group.

Current activities

Mary manages and conducts R&D which aims to:

  • Improve the exploitation of satellite-derived winds and data from active sensors with the aim to improve the performance of NWP
  • Collaborate with the international winds community to identify improvements to AMV quality and usage partly achieved through co-chairing of the International Winds Working Group.

Career background

Before joining the Met Office, Mary gained a degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD on the Active Tectonics of Greece, both from the University of Cambridge.
At the Met Office she has worked in the Satellite Applications group, initially researching improved use of AMV data in NWP and since 2012 as manager of the Satellite Winds and Active Sensing Group.

External recognition

2008 onwards: co-chair of the International Winds Working Group

2014 onwards: member of the ADM-Aeolus Mission Advisory Group

2010-2012: represented the UK on the EUMETSAT STG-Science Working Group

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