Matthew Clark

Areas of expertise

  • Surface wind - instrumentation and measurement.
  • Utilization of one-minute resolution surface data from MMS the standard Met Office AWS.
  • Observational analysis of convective phenomena; in particular, tornadic storms.

Current activities

Since joining the Met Office in November 2005, Matt has worked in the Observations Development Surface Instrumentation Team. He has been involved in various projects, including investigations into the gust response of Met Office wind systems, an intercomparison of laser cloud base recorders and an intercomparison of Met Office Automatic Weather Station measurements.

Part of Matt's role involves providing scientific reports and advice to other Met Office scientists and also to external customers. This ensures users of the data are provided with accurate information and are kept informed of, and have the chance to influence, developments and improvements which the surface team conducts as part of the Observations development activities.

In addition to these activities, Matt has also conducted research into convective phenomena in the UK, including several recent tornado cases (for example, the London tornado of 7 December 2006) and other notable convective events, such as the 'Ottery St Mary' thunderstorm of October 2008. Research comprises observational analyses of these events; an overriding aim is to demonstrate how the increasingly wide-ranging observations capability of the Met Office can be used to enhance our understanding of these events and their causes.

Career background

Matt studied Meteorology at the University of Reading from 2001, gaining a First Class BSc in Meteorology in 2005.

As part of his undergraduate studies, Matt attended the School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma for one year.