An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Matthew Fry

Areas of expertise

  • Crowdsourced observations
  • Site-specific Forecast Sensitivity to Observation Impacts (FSOI)
  • Building prototype gridded urban climatologies

Email: [email protected]

Current activities

Matthew works in the Observation Network Design team. His primary focus has been on evaluating the quality and reliability of observations from networks operated by citizens or external organisations, such as WOW, Davis, and Netatmo, to assess their potential contribution to the composite observing network. Most recently, he has been working to improve the representation of urban climatologies using crowdsourced observations.

As well as this, he has completed work assessing the impact of observations from the UK synoptic land network and global AMDAR/AIREP network, using a site-specific analysis of the forecast sensitivity to observation impact (FSOI) metric. The FSOI metric is used routinely in global NWP to quantify the impact of individual observations on the T+24 model forecast.

Career background

In 2021, Matthew graduated from the University of Exeter with a first-class MPhys degree in Physics. His dissertation focused on the investigation of convective stellar plumes; specifically, how their dynamical and kinematic signatures vary across different spatial scales. He joined the Met Office in September 2021.