Dr Matthew Menary

Areas of expertise

  • Large scale variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.
  • Decadal and centennial variability of coupled climate models.
  • Advanced programming and data visualisation in Python, IDL, UNIX, Fortran

Publications by Matthew Menary 

Current activities

Matt works with a development version of the Met Office Hadley Centre's coupled atmosphere-ocean model (HadGEM3). Using this model he can investigate the mechanisms of decadal variability in the North Atlantic Ocean and to what extent this variability is naturally forced or related to human activities. This knowledge can then help us to better understand, and improve, decadal climate predictions for the UK and Europe.

Matt also collaborates with colleagues across Europe, in projects such as THOR, on investigations into the centennial variability of the MOC in their climate models. These global scale atmosphere-ocean coupled mechanisms may well be crucial in understanding the potential direction and effects of climate change into the future.

Some of Matt's other work involves simulating the effects of extra freshwater around Greenland due to melting of the Greenland ice sheet. He is investigating what effect this will have on the global ocean circulation and climate as a whole.

Career background

Matt received a first in physics from Durham University, before joining the Met Office Hadley Centre in September 2008. He has since completed a PhD in association with the University of Reading.