Dr Michael Angus

Areas of expertise

  • Climate modes and large-scale climate variability
  • European windstorms
  • Seasonal rainfall
  • Forecast verfication
  • Statistical post-processing

Publications by Michael Angus

Current activities

Michael is currently working with the water sector, delivering statistical model-based forecasts relating water demand and weather data to help customers identify peak demand periods. He has also recently worked with the wind energy sector to develop a new statistical approach for temporally downscaling windspeed, providing higher frequency information for wind farm management.

Career background

Michael received his PhD in Atmospheric Science from North Carolina State University in 2018, before going on to work as a postdoc with the University of Birmingham. He has tackled a wide range of climate related problems throughout his academic career, from working with East African climate scientists to answer why the rainy season has gotten drier to working with the insurance sector on weather hazards across both sides of the Atlantic. Michael is passionate about communicating science and has written articles for several publications.

Michael joined the Met Office in 2022 in the Industry Science and Consultancy team.