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Mike Molyneux

Mike leads the research and development of Automatic Weather Stations and operational in-situ instruments at the Met Office.

Areas of expertise

  • Instruments for measuring, wind, temperature, humidity, pressure, visibility, present weather, cloud base, snow depth and rain
  • Methods of Observation and Instrument Exposure
  • Automatic Weather Stations

Current activities

Mike is the technical manager for the instrument and measurement processes in the Meteorological Monitoring System (MMS).  MMS has refreshed the network of Automatic Weather stations in the UK.  More than 200 stations have been upgraded.

Mike has also directed the project to test and document the key features of MMS measurements compared to the previous systems, documenting the changes according to GCOS principles.  He has also led the introduction of new sensor, for example pressure and cloud measurement and the testing of distrometers for operational use as present weather sensing. 

Career background

Mike has worked in surface based meteorological measurements since joining the Met Office in 1979.  Work has included sensor development, field trials, Ozone measurement and AWS measurements

External recognition

  • WMO Expert team on Surface Measurements
  • EUMETNET Working Group on Instruments

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