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Dr Mohamed Zerroukat

Mohamed works in Dynamics Research.

Mohamed works on numerical aspects of the dynamics equations. This includes advection/transport schemes and their application to passive tracers and other prototype dynamical sets of equations, like shallow water equations.

Current activities

Mohamed's research activities have been centered around improving various aspects of the model. These includes monotone transport schemes,  efficient mass conservation for global and limited area models, and efficient ODEs solvers for the UKCA (Chemistry) model.

Mohamed has also conducted various research related to alternative grids,  and in particular the Yin-Yang grid, to remove the singularity of the poles and reduce the scalability problems associated with classical longitude-latitude grids.

Career background

Mohamed has worked in the Dynamics Research group since joining the Met Office in 1999.

Prior to joining the Met Office, Mohamed worked (1993–1995) as a research fellow at the department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Glasgow. He worked on front tracking finite difference schemes for Stefan (or phase-change) problems. During 1995–1999, as a research fellow at the Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, Mohamed continued developing boundary element and meshless methods for phase-change and heat transfer problems.  

Mohamed obtained an Ingeniorat d'Etat (BEng) from the University of Science and Technology of Oran (USTO), Algeria, in 1987, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Glasgow, in 1993.

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