Nick Rayner

Areas of expertise

  • Sea surface temperature observations.

  • Sea-ice observations.

  • Marine air temperature observations.

  • Ocean temperature observations.

  • Statistical reconstruction of historical climate data.

My Publications - Rayner, N

Current activities

Nick is responsible for the leadership and management of the team which develops datasets and analyses of marine climate observations. The team produces homogeneous records of marine climate changes by comparing observations made in different ways and developing adjustments to make them comparable.

Nick is a member of:

  • the Science Team of the Group for High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST);

  • a consortium, led by the University of Edinburgh, which is re-analysing the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) record retrieved from the measurements of the Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR) satellite-borne instruments;

  • the Global Climate Observing System Working Group on SST and Sea Ice. She recently co-ordinated a Community White Paper for the Ocean Obs '09 conference on 'Evaluating climate variability and change from modern and historical SST observations'.

Career background

Nick joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in 1993. She was responsible for developing the Met Office Hadley Centre Sea Ice and SST (HadISST1) analysis and co-ordinated the development of the Met Office Hadley Centre SST (HadSST2) dataset. Both of these have been widely used internationally.

External recognition

Co-chair of the Global Climate Observing System Working Group on Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice.