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Dr Nigel Wood

Nigel Wood is the Head of Dynamics Research.

Nigel leads Dynamics Research which is responsible for all aspects of the atmospheric dynamical core of the Met Office's Unified Model.

Current activities

Nigel co-ordinates the activities of Dynamics Research, which range from research to underpin future dynamical cores, through development of the next dynamical core to maintenance of the current one.

At the moment, Nigel's main activity is the design, development and testing of GungHo. The aim of  GungHo is to be able to scale well on hundreds of thousands of processors while maintaining the good accuracy and stability of the current operational dynamical core ENDGame. To achieve this the current latitude-longitude grid is being replaced by a cubed-sphere grid and the finite-difference spatial discretization of ENDGame is being replaced by a mixed finite-element approach. This work builds on an earlier significant collaboration between the Met Office, NERC and the Hartree Centre.

Career background

Nigel joined the Met Office in 1986, having just completed a degree in mathematics at Queens' College, Cambridge University. He was fortunate enough to then undertake a PhD, supervised jointly by Dr Paul Mason of the Met Office and Dr Alan Ibbetson of Reading University. The topic of his PhD was turbulent flow over three-dimensional hills, and the numerical model he developed as part of his PhD (BLASIUS) is still used within the Orography section of APP and elsewhere.

In 1995/96 Nigel spent six months at Météo-France, working on MESO-NH, their non-hydrostatic mesoscale model.

Nigel joined Dynamics Research in 1999 to help in both making the New Dynamics operational and documenting in detail all aspects of that dynamical core. This became operational in 2002 and it was then that Nigel's attention turned to the research and development for the ENDGame dynamical core which became operational in 2014.

In 2003 Nigel was awarded a Met Office Research Fellowship which he held until 2006 when he was appointed to his current role as Head of Dynamics Research.

Nigel has co-supervised five PhD theses and examined two others. He was an Ordinary Member of Council of the Royal Meteorological Society 2000-2003 and was Associate Editor of the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 2001-2005.

External Recognition

  • Honorary Visiting Professor at Exeter University
  • Buchan Prize 2010 (Royal Meteorological Society)
  • L G Groves Memorial Prize for Meteorology 2002
  • Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

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