An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Peter Good

Areas of expertise

Peter works at the Met Office on understanding future climate change projections. He has a particular focus on non-linear change, including abrupt and irreversible changes. This includes:

  • Regional climate change that is non-linear in forcing;
  • Mechanisms and potential early warning of abrupt/irreversible changes, especially in tropical forests.

Current activities

Peter coordinates part of the Met Office work on future thresholds and non-linearity in the climate system. Current personal work includes:

  • Improved quantification and understanding of non-linear regional climate change.
  • Potential impacts on the Amazon of a shutdown in the AMOC
  • Potential for irreversible change in the Amazon forest - and any associated early warning.

Career background

Peter obtained a PhD under John Pyle at the University of Cambridge, worked at the National Observatory of Athens for two years, then joined the Met Office in 2004.