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Robin Clark

Robin is a climate scientist researching changes in extreme events likely to arise due to climate change.

Areas of expertise:

  • Climate extremes.

  • Regional climate prediction for the UK and Europe.

  • Statistical validation of multiple model simulations.

Current activities

Robin's research strives to quantify, explain and understand uncertainties in changes of the intensity and frequency of extreme events, for example heatwaves which may occur in a warming world.

This is done using multiple simulations of Met Office models at low and high resolutions. The use of such large collections of simulations enables the risk of rare, but potentially damaging events to be ascertained. Understanding the physics responsible is a key element of the research.

Career background

Robin joined the Met Office in 1998 where he spent three years working in medium and seasonal range forecasting. After a further three years of seasonal forecasting as a visiting scientist at Meteo France (the French equivalent of the Met Office), Robin returned to the UK to take up the post he occupies today.

Prior to 1998, Robin completed a PhD at the University of Plymouth in road surface weather forecasting.

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