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Dr Rosa Barciela

Rosa leads the Applied Ocean Modelling Research group

Rosa leads the research and development of the operational marine ecosystems and sediment modelling systems, as well as user-focused applications including acoustics and visibility.

Current activities

Rosa is a scientific manager responsible for research and development of the Met Office's short-range, operational modelling capability in the areas of ecosystems, sediments, acoustics and optics, from the open ocean to the shelf seas, at global and regional scales.

Key activities in this area include the development, implementation, validation, maintenance and improvement of the ocean forecasting modelling systems above, and user-focused applications, including visibility and other biological products, in order to deliver the group's contribution to the Programme and other internal and external stakeholders and established customers.

Rosa is currently developing the ecosystem modelling strategy for this area and leading the development and implementation of the HadOCC ecosystem model within Ocean models at the Met Office, including biological data assimilation, and its model counterpart for the shelf-seas, ERSEM. Short terms plans for ERSEM and sediment models in this area focus on their coupling to operational Ocean models at the Met Office for the UK shelf seas. Operational products from both physical-biogeochemical systems will be delivered via the EU MyOcean project.

Rosa is also responsible for delivering the Defence Oceanography Programme and the Ocean Forecasting Research contribution to the DERTP.

Rosa is often representing the Met Office and Ocean Forecasting Research at various national and international working groups and scientific and technical committees. She is also the project manager of AlgaRisk, a partnership between the EA and PML to develop an operational nuisance algal bloom system for the UK.

Career background

Rosa graduated from Vigo University in 1996 with a First Class BSc in Oceanography with Physics and Maths, while there she also completed an MsC in modelling ecosystem dynamics. In 2002 Rosa completed a PhD in numerical modelling at  NOCS. Since joining the Met Office that same year, she has worked as an ocean scientist on various aspects of the operational FOAM models, mainly on coupling, development and assessment of the physical-biological FOAM-HadOCC system. In 2007 Rosa became the manager of the Applied Ocean Modelling Research group, which then included data assimilation.

Her career highlights include:

  • Participation in several international projects as scientific leader, such as ESA's GlobColour and EU FP6 ECOOP.
  • Project manager: Transition of FOAM-UM operational modelling systems to theOcean models at the Met Office framework.
  • Technical and Scientific advisor to aid the development, design and implementation of a Spanish pre-operational modelling system, similar to FOAM, as part of the ESEOO project.
  • On-line coupling of HadOCC to the global and regional operational FOAM model configurations.
  • Development of a novel biological data assimilation scheme, jointly with NOCS that was later implemented in the coupled physical-biological FOAM-HadOCC system.
  • NERC Centre for observation of Air-Sea Interactions and fluXes (CASIX) scientific team leader, scientific steering committee member and Met Office project manager.

External recognition

  •  GODAE OceanView Science Team (GOV-ST) member and co-chair of its Marine Ecosystems Analysis and Prediction Task team (MEAP-TT).
  • Technical and scientific advisor to the UK Centre of Excellence in Naval Oceanographic Research and Education CENORE.
  • Steering committee member of several national and international groups such as: ICES  WGOOFE, IBIROOS and the UK Coastal Observatory, Liverpool.
  • NCOF Executive Committee member.

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