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Dr Sharon Jewell

Sharon joined the Met Office in 2012 and works as a radar scientist in the radar products team.

Areas of expertise:

  • Development of geostatistical interpolation codes.
  • Analysis of rain gauge and radar data.

Current activities

Development of an improved rain gauge and radar merging technique. This project is focused on combining the rainfall rate information from rain gauges with radar data to produce a merged product with an accuracy and spatial resolution superior to that achieved by either of the two methods individually. Methods using statistically weighted fields (generated using techniques such as Kriging and Multi Quadric analysis) are being investigated for combining the gauge and radar data allowing regional variations in the radar calibration to be accommodated.

Career background

Prior to joining the Met Office, Sharon worked as a research fellow and tutor in the School of Physics at the University of Exeter. Her main area of interest was the electrical and optical properties of liquid crystalline materials. Sharon has a PhD (2003) and an MPhys degree (1999) in Physics, both from the University of Exeter.

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