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Tamara Janes

Tamara is a climate scientist who contributes to the development and delivery of research and capacity building projects, focussing primarily on International Development within Asian and African regions.

Current activities

Tamara is currently a member of the Climate Information for International Development team, contributing towards a research and capacity building projects in Africa and South Asia.  The predominant focus of her work has been on the effective communication of climate information for policy and decision making activities in municipal governments and local communities in Southern Africa.  She is also involved in various training activities in developing countries on the use of the PRECIS regional climate modelling system to produce high-resolution climate information for impacts studies.

Career background

Tamara joined the Met Office in 2011 as part of the Climate Services team, where she was involved in capacity building and regional climate research projects for India and Bangladesh.  During this time, she performed extensive analysis of high-resolution regional climate simulations over the south Asian region to investigate potential changes in atmospheric circulation patterns and frequency of extreme temperature and rainfall events over the Bangladesh region.  She moved to the Climate Information for International Development team in 2013, where she has previously contributed to research and capacity buildings projects in Kenya, Singapore, India and West Africa.

Prior to joining the Met Office, Tamara obtained a BSc with Specialization in Astrophysics (2008) before going on to complete an MSc in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (2010), both at the University of Alberta in Canada.

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