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Dr Thomas Allen

Current activities

Thomas' research activities are centred around the development and testing of the 3D prototype model. This work includes all aspects of parallelization and optimization of the new dynamical core including the conservative semi-Lagrangian transport scheme .

In the longer-term Thomas' work is involved with the development of the next generation of dynamical core on massively parallel computers.

Career background

Thomas joined the Met Office in 1998 working on data assimilation for sea-ice. He then transferred to the orography group in Atmospheric Processes  where he worked on turbulent flow separation over hills, aspects of form-drag parametrization and maintenance of the BLASIUS model. In 2006 Thomas joined Dynamics Research and is currently code developer/owner of the  dynamical core.

Before joining the Met Office, Thomas worked (1992-1995) as a research fellow in the School of Mathematics at the University of East Anglia. During this time he worked on three-dimensional boundary layer separation and the stability/transition of leading-edge separation bubbles on aircraft wings. Thomas then moved to the Mathematics department at University College London to work on the high Reynolds number asymptotic theory of the transition to turbulence. During his time in London Thomas taught and set the end of year exam for the 2nd year undergraduate course on Advanced Mathematical Methods.

About Thomas Allen

Thomas works on numerical aspects of the dynamics equations.

Areas of expertise

  • Numerical solution of elliptic boundary value problems.
  • Semi-Lagrangian advection schemes.
  • Asymptotic analysis of partial differential equations.
  • Linear and nonlinear hydrodynamic stability.
  • Nonlinear waves and the vortex-wave interaction theory of  the early stages of transition to turbulence.
  • Theory of nonlinear critical layers.
  • Bifurcation theory and dynamical systems.
  • General aspects of discretization of partial differential equations.

Publications by Thomas Allen