An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Thomas Bendall

Areas of expertise

  • Finite element methods
  • Coupling dynamics to parametrisations of physical processes, especially moisture
  • Transport schemes
  • Stochastic descriptions of fluids

Publications by Thomas Bendall

Current activities

As part of the ExCALIBUR project, Tom is researching the coupling of different components of our atmospheric model (e.g. the dynamical core, the parametrisation of physical processes and the chemistry model). In particular he is looking at running these components on different meshes with different horizontal resolutions. This takes part in LFRic.

Tom is also a developer of GungHo, the next-generation dynamical core that will replace ENDGame. His focus here is on transport schemes, especially for moisture.

Another part of Tom's work involves contributing to Gusto, a toolkit for building dynamical cores using finite element methods.

Career background

Tom joined the Met Office in September 2019, after completing a PhD and 6 month Post-Doc in the Mathematics Department at Imperial College London. These focused on physics-dynamics coupling within finite element discretisations of the atmosphere. Before this, he did an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.