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Dr Tom Howard

Tom is interested in century-scale change in extreme coastal sea level.

Current Activities

Since joining the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2005 Tom has worked on producing projections of 21st century extreme coastal sea-level change. His current work will inform the United Kingdom Climate Projections 2018 (UK Climate Projections). Previous work fed into UKCP09,  Thames Estuary 2100 (Thames Estuary 2100 project), and the ice2sea project.

Tom also works in the Met Office College where he is particularly interested in the use of turntable demonstrations in the teaching of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.

Baroclinic Instability


Career Background

Tom holds an MSc with distinction in Computational Fluid Dynamics from the University of Leeds (1996) and a PhD (Atmospheric Boundary-Layer flow over Hills) from the University of Leeds (2001).

From 2002 to 2005 Tom worked in the Nowcasting group at the Met Office, developing the short-range forecast of wind speed over hills.

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