Stormy ocean waves breaking

North West European Shelf seas model

The Met Office has developed a new high-resolution, 1.5 km, operational system for the North West European Shelf seas.

Model details

This system uses the NEMO ocean model and NEMOVAR for the assimilation of temperature, salinity, and sea level anomaly observations.

The model is nested into the Met Office North-Atlantic system at the Atlantic boundaries and into the Copernicus Baltic system at Kattegat-Skagerrak area.  It is forced at the air-sea interface by the ECMWF global forecasting model.

The model configuration includes the tidal signal and the, atmospheric pressure term.

New Model Improvements

This new system, with 1.5 km horizontal resolution, is the first high resolution operational model running on the whole North West-European shelf area. This system provides a better representation of dynamical features such as mesoscale eddies and frontal jets.

This model is also partially resolving the internal waves, generated along the shelf break, increasing its capability to represent the stratification of the water column.