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are required to consult with the Met Office in accordance with the requirements of the said Direction in relation to any applications made to them for planning permission in respect of the following development within the safeguarding areas: BURNLEY DISTRICT 430000 .000000 SOUTH RIBBLE DISTRICT HYNDBURN


An improved picture for weather radar

stations across the UK; the oldest at Hameldon Hill, near Burnley in Lancashire, has been operating since 1974. Our new radar deliver five times more data, with almost a terabyte being received from each radar over the course of a year. We now record 1.8 million rainfall observations per hour per radar


Reference Latitude (WGS84) Longitude (WGS84) Location Operational Eastings Northings Clee Hill 359585 278006 52°23’55”N 002°35’43”W Titterstone Clee, near Ludlow, Shropshire Hameldon Hill 381060 428740 53°45’17”N 002°17’19”W Dunnockshaw, near Burnley, Lancashire Chenies 501642 199959 51°41’21”N 000°31’50”W

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