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Penzance Gwennap Head St. Mary’s Falmouth Pendennis Point Lizard Stations Places Figure 1. Map of South West England. The plateaux are deeply incised by rivers, and many of the lower river valleys have been submerged to form picturesque estuaries such as the Dart and Tamar. The highland areas coincide


Falmouth, Cornwall © SD Burt. For more information about the Met Office, please contact the Customer Centre on: Tel: 0870 900 0100 Fax: 0870 900 5050 Email: [email protected] If you are outside the UK: Tel: +44 (0)1392 885680 Fax: +44 (0)1392 885681 All of the images used in this fact sheet along


in inland Devon. On 8/9 January 1982 conditions were especially severe in the Bristol area where dri s were locally 1 m deep. Another event, this time from convective showers, on 12 January 1987 produced snow depths of 35 cm (Falmouth), 39 cm (Penzance) and even 23 cm on the Scillies. Also, persistent


. The heavily instrumented cruise D319 on the RRS Discovery from Lisbon, Portugal to São Vicente, Cape Verde and back to Falmouth, UK was used to characterise the spatial distribution of boundary layer components likely to play a role in reactive halogen chemistry. Measurements onboard the ARSF Dornier

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