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The Great Storm of 1987

without power for more than 24 hours. Buildings were damaged by winds or falling trees. Numerous small boats were wrecked or blown away, with one ship at Dover being blown over and a Channel ferry was blown ashore near Folkestone. While the storm took a human toll, claiming 18 lives in England

UK climate extremes

(Greater London) May 18.9 31 May 1947 Folkestone (Kent) June 22.7 28 June 1976^ Ventnor Park (Isle of Wight) July 23.3 29 July 1948 St James's Park (London) August 23.9 3 August 1990 Brighton (East Sussex) September 21.7 5 September 1949 St James's Park (London) October 19.4 1 October 1985 Aber

NCIC Monthly Summary

& Cromarty) on the 10th. Weather impacts There were thunderstorms in parts of England on the 2nd, 7th and 17th. The last of these covered south-eastern counties, with reports of flooding in Hythe, Folkestone and Eastbourne, while a water pumping station was struck by lightning causing damage and a power

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