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Exceptional warmth, September 2016 A brief heatwave from 12 to 15 September brought exceptionally high temperatures to southeast England, accompanied by some torrential downpours causing flash flooding. On 13 September, Gravesend (Kent) recorded 34.4 °C, the UK's highest temperature of the year


Warm weather on the way

beyond”. With the high temperatures and goods spells of sunshine UV levels will be high and it is important to remember to protect against sunburn. The highest temperature recorded in the UK so far this year is 25.8C at Gravesend and Faversham on 16th May.  This was the highest temperature since 34.4C


, Greater London on 1 July 2014 32.3 Gravesend, Kent on 18 July 2013 34.1 Heathrow, Greater London on 1 August 2012 32.4 Cavendish, Suffolk on 18 August 2011 33.1 Gravesend, Kent on 27 June 2010 31.7 Gravesend, Kent on 9 July 2009 32.0 Hampton, Greater London on 1 July 2008 30.2 Cambridge on 28 July 2007

Yorkshire Flooding June 2007

Highest Maximum Temperature - 13 June 25.0 °C at Gravesend, Broadness (Kent) Lowest Minimum Temperature - 14 June -2.5 °C at Kinbrace, Hatchery (Sutherland) Most Rainfall - 14 June 97.7 mm at Harlow Hill Reservoir (North Yorkshire) Most Sunshine - 15 June 16.6 hours at Stornoway Airport (Western Isles


What is an Indian Summer?

spells during the autumn months are not uncommon. Currently, the warmest recorded temperatures in the UK in October and November are 29.9 °C on 1 October 2011, in Gravesend, Kent, and 22.4 °C on 1 November 2015, at Trawsgoed, Ceredigion.


from our network on the 28 January 2003. The maximum temperature of 17.4 °C at East Malling is the highest recorded January maximum temperature in south-east England, previous highest recorded value being 16.3 °C at Gravesend-Broadness (Kent) on 6/1/1999. MAXIMUM TEMPERATURES - 27 JANUARY 2003 Max


A warm and sunny week ahead

in the summer months - June, July and August — Met Office (@metoffice) September 14, 2020 This will be the longest September warm spell in the UK since 2016, where temperatures reached 34.3 Celsius at Gravesend on the 13th.  The current highest September temperature on record

Indian summer 2011

(1971-2000) is 17.5oC. In the final week of September, temperatures began to rise. On 1 October 2011 a temperature of 29.9°C was recorded at Gravesend (Kent), a new English October record. This beat the previous record of 29.4°C. Temperatures in England were higher than the Bahamas, Los Angeles


State of the UK Climate 2016

Station Highest daily maximum temperature  34.4 °C  13 Sept Gravesend, Kent Lowest daily minimum temperature  -14.1 °C  14 Feb Braemar, Aberdeenshire Highest daily rainfall  125.2 mm  16 Feb Seathwaite, Cumbria Greatest snow depth (09 GMT)  19 cm  10 Jan Leadhills, South Lanarkshire Highest daily


of highest maximum temperatures - 6 August 2003 Table of highest maximum temperatures - 6 August 2003 Maximum temperatures - 6 August 2003 Maximum Station name temperature Extra information (°C) Gravesend-Broadness (Kent) 36.4 Station record was broken on 10 August 2003, see table below. Greenwich

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