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Greenwich Light Vessel Observations

and placements Contact us Contact us Contact details Feedback form How to find us Settings Coast and sea Marine observations - Greenwich Light Vessel Location 50.417, 0 Altitude 0 m above mean sea level Greenwich Light Vessel is not operational because of a technical fault. We are aware of the fault

Marine Observation Site IDs

162163 Brittany 62170 162170 F3 62301 162301 Aberporth 62303 162303 Turbot Bank 62304 162304 Sandettie 62305 162305 Greenwich Light Vessel 62442 162442 Pap 64045 164045 K5 64046 164046 K7 Links DataPoint showcase DataPoint support DataPoint support group

Derby Day Thunderstorm 31 May 1911

Temperature 27.8 °C at Greenwich, Royal Observatory and South Kensington (both London) Lowest Minimum Temperature 6.1 °C at Wick (Caithness) and Nairn (Nairnshire) Most Rainfall 91.2 mm at Banstead, The Hall (Surrey) Most Sunshine 13.8 hours at Jersey, St Aubin (Channel Islands) National Meteorological


of highest maximum temperatures - 6 August 2003 Table of highest maximum temperatures - 6 August 2003 Maximum temperatures - 6 August 2003 Maximum Station name temperature Extra information (°C) Gravesend-Broadness (Kent) 36.4 Station record was broken on 10 August 2003, see table below. Greenwich


) Missing data appears as N/A Data to be provided for the following buoys: 1. K1 2. K2 3. K3 4. K4 Page 3 5. K5 6. K7 7. RARH 8. BRITTANY 9. GASCOGNE 10. TURBOT BANK 11. ABERPORTH 12. CHANNEL 13. GREENWICH 14. SANDETTIE 15. SEVEN STONES 16. NORTH RONA 17. SULE SKERRY 18. MUCKLE HOLM 19. FOULA Data

Dr Pete Falloon

fate in riverine systems during an MSc (Research) and part-time lectureship the University of Greenwich. Pete moved to Rothamsted Research in 1996, where he worked on modelling soil, climate and vegetation interactions for 8 years and was awarded a PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2001. He


behaviour Enfield Enfield Barnet Barnet Hillingdon Harrow Merton Sutton Waltham Forest Haringey Redbridge London Brent Hackney Camden Islington Barking and Dagenham Newham Ealing Westminster Tower Hamlets City of London Kensington and Chelsea Hammersmith and Fulham Hounslow Southwark Greenwich

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"></Location> <Location id="162305" latitude="50.4167" longitude="0.0" obsLocationType="Light Vessel" obsRegion="South Coast" obsSource="FM-13 SHIP" name="Greenwich Light Vessel"></Location> <Location id="162001" latitude="45.23" longitude="-5.0" obsLocationType="Buoy" obsRegion="Offshore" obsSource


or CAVOK* 7 Significant weather 8 Cloud 'For the 13th at oh, five, hundred, Zulu' 'Valid from oh, seven, hundred, to, sixteen, hundred, on the 13th' 'Three one zero degrees fifteen, max twenty five knots' UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) VRB = Variable; 00000KT = calm Wind direction is given in degrees true 8000

James Glaisher FRS Meteorologist and Aeronaut

to England but prolonged periods spent enveloped in the clouds had a profound effect on Glaisher and established his interest in meteorology. In 1836 Glaisher become the first Superintendent of the Magnetical and Meteorological Department at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Glaisher was not one

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