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United States of America forecast locations

Kenai Kenosha Ketchikan Key West Kingsville Klamath Falls Int. Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville (Tn) Kona Int. - Hawaii L La Marque Labelle Municipal Lafayette Lake Charles Lake Charles Lake Tahoe Lanai - Lanai Lancaster Laredo Laredo International Larose Las Cruces Int. Las Vegas Las Vegas Mccarran

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:// [Accessed 14 Sep. 2017] Tucker, G, Lancaster, S, Gasparini, N, Bras, R. (2001). The Channel- Hillslope Integrated Landscape Development Model (CHILD). Landscape Erosion and Evolution Modeling. ed. New York: Springer US, 349-388. Tyndall Centre


the science return of the project. The original GAUGE proposal detailed the use of NERC Radiocarbon facility at Kilbride for ∆ 14 C CO2 analysis and CEH Lancaster for δ 13 C CH4 analysis. At the NERC review panel a number of concerns were raised regarding the science that could be achieved

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