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Dr Joanne Robbins

completed her PhD in Geology at the University of Leicester. Her thesis is entitled 'Application of satellite and airborne technologies for the development of probabilistic rainfall thresholds and susceptibility maps for landslides in Papua New Guinea'. She became the manager of the Weather Impact


Storm Christoph has been named

and ice cover large swathes of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Amber rain warning The Amber rain warning area includes Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Wakefield, Nottingham and Leicester and is valid until 6am on Thursday. Within the Amber warning area rainfall accumulations could

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resolution data (30m) openly available on global scale "NDVI 062003" by Gennaro Cappelluti - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Example study NDVI

Building climate resilient food systems

to plan for the coming months as well as adapt to future climate scenarios.  Satellite mapping of crop risks, several regions in China Researchers from the University of Leicester and the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology are using satellite data to monitor and identify dry and stressful conditions

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island effect, which results in higher urban temperatures compared with surrounding rural areas. WHAT AFFECTS THE REGION’S WEATHER? Warwick and Southam are located within the 'Midlands' region of the UK, which includes the urban areas of Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester. Here are some of the types


Up to £1.2billion for weather and climate supercomputer

, Universities of Edinburgh, Leicester, Oxford and Southampton EPSRC support: £4 million The Cambridge Service for Data Driven Discovery is a £10M investment, creating one of the most powerful academic supercomputers in the UK specially designed to combine large scale data intensive simulation and AI science


-and-footpath-salting/ /13/winter_gritting Hertfordshire Council Isle of Wight Council Hull City Council Leicester City Council Luton Borough Council Medway Council Middlesborough Borough


in remote sensing techniques in general as applied to measurement of atmospheric trace gases and inventory verification. Through the NERC GAUGE programme specific use will be made of the GOSAT satellite methane data. The contractors will liaise with Dr. Hartmut Bosch of the University of Leicester who


of additional UK observations and how to fund them. Co-ordination meeting with Leicester University, Met Office (Feb 2009). Discussed progress of work to use satellite observations to infer emissions. DECC review meetings April and October 2009. Attended the Weybourne Advsory Group (May 2009) to discuss


will be made of the methane GOSAT satellite data. The contractors will liaise with Dr. Hartmut Bosch of the University of Leicester who is leading this GAUGE work package. Satellite information will be used within the global inversion studies, the success of these efforts will be reported to DECC

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