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Mercator Datum: OSGB 1936 False Easting: 400,000.0000 False Northing: -100,000.0000 Central Meridian: -2.0000 Scale Factor: 0.9996 Latitude Of Origin: 49.0000 Units: Meter 150000 .000000 MAIDSTONE DISTRICT 150000 .000000 The scale ratio stated is accurate when reproduced at A1 size by Met Office


Maidstone and St Pancras due to heavy rainfall. There were ferry cancellations and delays; also some roads were closed in Norfolk. Further rain on the 2nd led to a landslip in Port Talbot’s Afan Valley, which closed Cymmer Road, with one or two minor roads closed in the area due to flooding. During


°27’10”W Huntsham, near Tiverton, Devon Thurnham 581670 158290 51°17’41”N 000°36’15”E Near Maidstone, Kent Dean Hill 424335 125730 51°01’50”N 001°39’16”W Near West Dean, Salisbury, Wiltshire Holehead 261790 682835 56°01’06”N 004°13’08”W Holehead, near Fintry, Stirling Munduff Hill 318820 703225 56

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