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showers in from the North Sea. Examples include 12 January 1987 when persistent heavy showers resulted in over 35 cm of level snow either side of the Thames estuary and 52 cm at East Malling, Kent with travel disruption, and early March 2005 when dri s of up 30 cm occurred over the Downs in Kent


warm weather spread to northern areas as well on the 4th and especially the 5th, while there was some mist and fog on south-western coasts on the 4th. East Malling (Kent) recorded 14.5 hours of sunshine on the 5th. The 6th was cloudy with patchy rain in the north, especially the north-west, but hot

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but for most of the country it stayed dry with sunny spells. Much of the country was sunny on the 13th and 14th, and warm especially in the north, and the 14th had a high of 23.0 °C at Levens Hall (Cumbria) and 15.4 hours of sunshine at East Malling (Kent). The dry, settled weather continued on the 15th

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in central and southern parts, where it was warm with a minimum of 15.3 °C at Teignmouth (Devon and St Catherine’s Point (Wight) and a maximum of 21.1 °C at Heathrow (London). A cold northerly flow brought a sunny day for most on the 2nd with 11.4 hours of bright sunshine at East Malling (Kent


, and this weather pattern persisted on the 12th and 13th also, with some rain for the south-west. Fog was slow to clear in the Midlands on the 11th, and East Malling (Kent) recorded 7.0 hours of bright sunshine on the 13th. The 14th started off clear and very cold in central and southern parts with a minimum


in the north on the 16th while cloud and drizzle affected southern areas. Between the 17th and 20th it was dry and generally sunny with some overnight mist and fog patches, and East Malling (Kent) recorded 12.3 hours of sunshine on the 19th and 20th. The north was cloudier on the 18th. 21st to 30th


at East Malling (Kent), but cloudier weather spread into northern areas from mid-a ernoon. Slow-moving fronts brought cloud and rain to the north and west on the 3rd with some large rainfall totals over the high ground of Cumbria, and the rain spread into central parts on the 4th but became light

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of the country was very warm and sunny, with Treknow (Cornwall) reaching 25.8°C on the 19th, and East Malling (Kent) had 14.1 hours of sunshine on the 21st, but it was often cooler near the east coast with fog slow to clear in parts of Lincolnshire. The temperature fell no lower than 13.8 °C at Blencathra


Europe and brought increasingly warm air up from the south. The 21st had further showers in the north-west, but most other parts were dry and sunny. The 22nd was fine and sunny in the south with 13.6 hours of sunshine at East Malling (Kent), but cloudy with some rain in the north. The dry sunny


and it was mostly cloudy in the north with some light rain on the 2nd and 4th, but central and southern areas remained dry and sunny with overnight frosts and some patchy fog, which was particularly widespread early on the 4th. East Malling (Kent) recorded 7.8 hours of bright sunshine on the 3rd. After

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