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Sean Milton

. Publications by Sean Milton Current activities In his role as Associate Director, Foundation Science, Sean oversees the work of around 130 scientists and scientific software engineers who carry out underpinning research in seamless global and regional modelling, observations research, and data

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of the Met Office Hadley Centre. Professor Sean Milton Sean is the Associate Director, Foundation Science Professor Chris Hewitt Chris is the Acting Associate Director of Applied Science and Scientific Consultancy.


problems. Parts of eastern England were also affected by this storm. Impacts North-east Scotland was worst affected by flooding, particularly the Inverness to Moray area and Kingussie to Aviemore but also around Ullapool. Rail travel was affected, there was flooding and damage to roads and 200 homes were


. There is little urban development, the main towns being Inverness, Fort William, Wick, Kirkwall (Orkney) and Lerwick (Shetland). Temperature Mean annual temperatures over the region at low altitude vary from about 9 °C close to the Moray Firth and on the westernmost isles to about 7 °C on Shetland

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National Park" region="he" unitaryAuthArea="Moray"></Location> <Location elevation="7.0" id="3066" latitude="57.6494" longitude="-3.5606" name="Kinloss" region="gr" unitaryAuthArea="Moray"></Location> <Location elevation="6.0" id="3068" latitude="57.712" longitude="-3.322" name="Lossiemouth" region

Storm Caroline

gust (mph) Fair Isle Scotland 93 Baltasound Shetland 85 Altnaharra Sutherland 79 Lossiemouth Moray 72 Peterhead Aberdeenshire 68 Caroline brought transport disruption and schools were closed across the Western Isles. As the storm pulled away to the north-east it drew in a cold north-westerly

Disc Log 011

of supersaturation (RH>100%) with respect to water and persistent contrails tend to form in conditions of super-saturation (RH>100%) with respect to ice. References: Haywood, J. M., R. P. Allan, J. Bornemann, P. M. Forster, P. N. Francis, S. Milton, G. Radel, A. Rap, K. P. Shine, and R. Thorpe (2009), A case study

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