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Make your own wind vane

The instrument used for measuring wind direction is called a wind vane. What you will need: A ruler A pen top A plastic fizzy drink bottle Card A knitting needle Matchsticks A cork Sand Blu-Tack (or similar) What to do: Draw an arrow 25 cm long on the card and cut it out. Make another arrow


and highest hourly mean wind speed maps The following maps shows the highest gust and mean wind speeds recorded, using data available from the real-time network on the 28 October 2002. Highest hourly mean wind speeds were 68 knots (78 m.p.h.) at the Needles (Isle of Wight) and 61 knots (70 m.p.h


Make a windmill

What you will need: Download our Windmill template Colouring pens Scissors Pencil or knitting needle Blu-Tack (or similar) A paper fastener A small bead that can go through the paper fastener A cardboard tube (from kitchen towels would be ideal) What to do: (you might need some adult help) Print

Storm Atiyah

and into Monday 9 December. This brought a gust of wind of 83 mph at The Needles on the Isle of Wight. Wind gusts of over 70 mph were also recorded around the coasts of Wales and southwest England with inland gusts of between 50-60 mph. The strong winds were accompanied by heavy, squally showers

Storm Katie

. A peak wind speed of 106 mph was recorded on the exposed Needles of Isle of Wight, but gusts of 70 - 80 mph along the coast and 50 - 70 mph inland were more widely experienced. The strong winds brought widespread impacts across southern England including damage to trees and structures and disruption

Microsoft Word - 2020_08_storms_ellen_francis.docx

coastal locations. Wind speeds reached 69Kt (79mph) at Capel Curig, Conwy during storm Ellen and 70Kt (81mph) at Needles Old Battery (Isle of Wight) from storm Francis. These were two of the most notable August storms in the UK in the last 50 years. Impacts Storm Ellen brought significant travel

Storm Jake

Wales 81 Mumbles Head West Glamorgan 77 Needles, Old Battery Isle of Wight 77 Isle of Portland Dorset 75 Aberporth South Wales 74 Pembry Sands South Wales 69 Jersey Channel Islands 69 Storm Jake satellite imagery  

Storm Aileen

It brought strong winds and heavy rain overnight and into the morning rush hour causing disruption to roads and railways.    Storm Aileen - Maximum gust speeds (mph) Site name Area Max gust (mph) Needles Isle of Wight 83 Mumbles Wales 74 Avonmouth Avon 70 Pembrey Sands Wales 67 High Bradfield

Storm Imogen

(mph) Site Name Area Max Gust (mph) Needles Old Battery Isle of Wight 96 Pembrey Sands Dyfed 83 Mumbles Head West Glamorgan 82 St Marys Isle of Scilly 81 Isle of Portland Dorset 79 Culdrose Cornwall 79 Avonmouth Avon 75 Milford Haven Dyfed 75 Storm Imogen satellite imagery  

Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara swept across the whole of the UK on Sunday 9 bringing heavy rain and very strong winds. The strongest gust recorded was 97 mph at the Needles, Isle of Wight. However, there were widespread gusts of 70 - 80 mph even in less exposed, inland sites, with a squall band of rain bringing some

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