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Mountain weather

Mountain walking route ideas from Outdoor North Wales

. Though less lofty outlying neighbours, all are worthy of far more than cursory inspection by mountain walkers keen to seek out and explore the lesser known corners of North Wales. The backbone of the Rhinogs, a craggy and heather clad range, dominate the skyline of the coastline from Porthmadog


2019: A year in review

on 26 February with temperatures exceeding 20 °C in London, west Wales and as far north as Rochdale making this a more widespread event than the previous record set in February 1998. New national records were also set for Wales (20.8°C at Porthmadog on 26th) and Scotland (19.3 °C at Aboyne on 21st

Microsoft Word - 2019_002_february_warmspell.docx

relative to the February 1981-2010 long-term average from 21 to 27 February. The map below shows daily maximum temperature on 26 February 2019, the warmest day of the spell. Daily maximum temperatures included 21.2 °C at Kew Gardens (London), 20.8 °C at Porthmadog (Gwynedd), 20.4 °C at Rochdale


High temperatures continue

The last time this happened was during a warm spell in July 2013.  Porthmadog, Wales, has seen the highest temperature of the year so far, with 32.6 °C recorded today, June 28th.  Chief Meteorologist, Andy Page, said: “Very warm and at times hot weather will continue to affect western parts


Heatwave continues into July

Temperatures have reached at least 30 Celsius in all four nations over the last few days. The last time this happened was during a warm spell in July 2013.  Porthmadog, Wales, has seen the highest temperature of the year so far, with 33.0 °C recorded on 28 June.  Chief Meteorologist, Will Lang


but the heat also extended further west included 30.2 °C at Porthmadog (Gwynedd), 31.5 °C at Chivenor, Devon and 31.8 °C at Pershore College (Worcestershire). The map below shows stations which recorded their highest June daily maximum temperature since June 1976; for most of these stations


and southern coastal locations sunshine was well above average nationwide, especially in northern and western areas; it was provisionally the fi h sunniest June in a series from 1929. The UK monthly extremes were as follows: A maximum temperature of 33.0 °C was recorded at Porthmadog (Gwynedd


to 27 °C and locally above 28 °C - in places more than 14 °C above the long-term average for the time of year. The warmth also extended to much of northern and western England and Wales from 18th to 21st – examples including 22.6 °C at Porthmadog (Gwynedd) on 18 April, 25.0 °C at Whitby (North


Record breaking February, mild winter

was recorded in Porthmadog, Gywnedd on 26 Feb setting a new Welsh record. In total 21 locations in the Met Office observing network broke previous national (England, Scotland, Wales) records, some of these on multiple days. On 26 February, the previous UK record (19.7 at Greenwich on 13th February 1998


, Fife 13 July 31.5 Seavington, Somerset 14 July 31.0 Hurn, Dorset and Westonzoyland, Somerset 15 July 30.9 Heathrow, Greater London and Wisley, Surrey 16 July 31.2 Kew Gardens, Greater London 17 July 32.2 Hampton, Greater London 18 July 31.5 Westonzoyland, Somerset 19 July 31.4 Porthmadog, Gwynedd 20

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