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Certificate identity number: 10279964 Certificate Schedule Location Boscombe Down MOD Boscombe Down, Salisbury, SP4 0JF, United Kingdom Larkhill Field Service Engineering Centre Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill, Salisbury, SP4 8QT, United Kingdom Larkhill Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill, Salisbury

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- Seasonal behaviour of humans, hence exposure Trans-ovarial transmission very low: <2% Ticks & Lyme disease in urban green space Salisbury City tick abundance Tick abundance 40 up to 30% prevalence of B. burgdorferi Potential conflicts between infectious disease health risk Example and biodiversity of peri


, Portsmouth, Brighton and the Medway towns. There are large areas of open countryside in the area as well, including the North and South Downs, the Chiltern Hills, Salisbury Plain and the Dorset Downs. Most of the area is below 100 metres above sea level but the hill and downland landscapes include large


was disrupted due to a tree falling onto overhead wires. A er this most areas experienced fine and increasingly warm weather, and pollen and UV were high or very high across most of the UK. Over the last ten days of the month, numerous wildfires occurred, for example in Surrey and on the Salisbury


are both thought to have observed and painted their clouds with greater accuracy after reading his work. His influence is especially clear in the works of Constable where the clouds are particularly realistic, as can be seen from two of his great paintings ‘The Hay Wain’ and ‘Salisbury Cathedral’. John


°27’10”W Huntsham, near Tiverton, Devon Thurnham 581670 158290 51°17’41”N 000°36’15”E Near Maidstone, Kent Dean Hill 424335 125730 51°01’50”N 001°39’16”W Near West Dean, Salisbury, Wiltshire Holehead 261790 682835 56°01’06”N 004°13’08”W Holehead, near Fintry, Stirling Munduff Hill 318820 703225 56


on the Western Front Meteorological Sections were also subsequently formed to assist on other fronts. These included the Gallipoli Front, Macedonia Front, Italian Front, North Russian Front, Independent Force RAF and a Home Unit with its headquarters on Salisbury Plain to meet the requirements of the Army

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