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Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme (JWCRP)

), is responsible for setting the strategic and scientific agenda for JWCRP activities. The SPB oversees a number of core research programmes and enabling posts aimed at over-coming barriers to collaborative research. From left to right; Mark Bailey (CEH), Andy Brown (MO), Ned Garnett (NERC Swindon

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weather application Remote Sensing Summary 9. Not a mature field – we still cannot look at the Sun and say ‘that region will flare and be associated with a CME onset in 20 minutes and it will arrive at Earth in 3 days and cause a 3 hour power loss in Swindon…’ - But, we can monitor solar ‘complexity


Officer, Nick Jobling related recent visit to Swindon shared service centre, where it had been agreed that the Met Office would not be included in Phase I or Phase II and only after that if it made good business sense and could be considered in part rather than in total. � JH informed the Board


/gritting-routes-bins/ Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Stoke-on-Trent City Council Swindon Borough Council Telford & Wrekin Borough Council Thurrock Council Warrington Borough Council West Berkshire Council Wiltshire Council Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council Wokingham Borough Council City of York


Michelle Forbes looks to her radio for weather tips as she prepares for her journey to work... Should she take her brolly? Or take the gamble? Delivery man Savraj Singh checks a smartphone as he climbs into his van for a Swindon day tour. Online weather information helps him take the guesswork out

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