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Valley (Isle of Anglesey) Observations

Apprentices, graduates and placements Contact us Contact us Contact details Feedback form How to find us Settings Coast and sea Marine observations - Valley Location 53.252, -4.537 Altitude 10 m above mean sea level Sun Sunday   Sunrise: 04:23 Sunset: 20:25   Yesterday   Sunrise: 04:25 Sunset: 20:24


What are the different types of fog?

to occur. Radiation fog usually dissipates soon after sunrise as the ground warms. An exception to this can be in high elevation areas where the Sun has little influence in heating the surface. Valley fog Valley fog forms where cold dense air settles into the lower parts of a valley, condensing


level closer to the surface. Therefore, intense snowfall cools the surrounding air and makes it more likely for snow to reach the surface. 5 6 7 Afternoon temperature Rural Urban Rural Valleys: Valleys become cooler at night as cold air sinks into the valley from the hills. This is why you can often


Midlands: climate The Midlands area includes the Cotswold Hills to the south, the Northamptonshire uplands to the east, the Peak District to the north and is bounded by the Welsh border to the west. It includes the Severn and Avon valleys, with their rivers flowing to the south, and the valley


there is little wind, skies are clear, and there is a covering of snow; the lowest temperatures occur away from the moderating influence of the sea, on the floors of inland valleys into which cold air can drain. It was under such conditions that the temperature fell to -23.3 °C, the lowest ever

Mountain weather

The Cumbrian Challenge

really demonstrated how Walking with the Wounded can a have a positive impact on people’s lives and re-enforced our motivation to take on this tough challenge. The day of the walk started calm and cool with bright sunshine streaming into the valley for the 7.30am start. We packed a portable

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service for Yangtze river valley Climate prediction service for Pacific Typhoon risk Research on engagement and uncertainty Prototype Climate Services Climate prediction service for Yangtze river valley Climate prediction service for Pacific Typhoon risk Research on engagement and uncertainty


Mountain safety

the valleys or be forced over the top. When air is forced to rise, it always cools. The rate of cooling is not constant, but on average temperature drops by around 2 °C per 300 m (1,000 ft) of ascent so at the summit the temperature will often be much colder than in the valley. Couple these much

Mountain weather

Four more incredible mountain walks to try this Summer

. After a stiff ascent from Edale, it's then a relatively straightforward and level walk. You can trace the original route of the Pennine Way from Edale, joining it above Grindsbrook Clough, then return on the current path down Jacob's Ladder into the green Edale valley. The panoramic views on this walk


Ottery St Mary Hailstorm October 2008

aligned along the valley as discussed above. Impacts If a rainfall event has a return period of 200 years then flooding is inevitable. We have looked at the how local topography, i.e. higher ground to the west and the alignment of the Otter Valley was significant. The same topography was significant

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