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Unsettled weather continues for the weekend

seen/heard this morning But what is it? 👇 — Met Office (@metoffice) December 4, 2020   Further south parts of Kent and south east England woke to snowfall this morning. This snow spread northwards giving a dusting of snow over the Wealds and Downs

Mountain weather

Interview with wild-camping expert Phoebe Smith

at night in bad weather. I could barely see in front of me. I thought I'd pitched perfectly, but when I woke the next morning I soon discovered I was surrounded by DofE kids on a practice expedition! We all saw the funny side... 3. What advice would you offer to the novice wild camper? First off, enjoy


16 Andrewsfield Essex 16 Hampstead Greater London Amongst the depths recorded at unofficial stations were 31 cm at Epsom (Surrey), 26 cm at Old Woking (Surrey), 13 cm at Blackheath (SE London) and 9 cm at Wokingham (Berks) (source newsgroup). In Wallington (Surrey), level depths of 24


Walton-on-Thames Esher Merton 7 6 Bromley Woking Epsom Sutton 5 Orpington Kent Biggin Hill Surrey Figure 14. London ‘heat island’ (minimum temperatures in °C) (mid-May: clear skies and light winds). Marked differences in air temperature are some of the most important contrasts between urban

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