An offshore oil rig in blue choppy waters with a blue cloudy sky in the background

Offshore energy meteorological services

Choose best-in-class meteorological services tailored to the Offshore Energy sector – Oil and Gas, and Renewables

Our sector-specific solutions give you the weather climate data you need to minimise unexpected downtime and manage your operational thresholds.

Make critical decisions with confidence -from identifying optimal locations for wind turbines, to assisting with offshore and nearshore operations through to the decommissioning of oil and gas sites.

We support global operations by providing accurate and reliable weather forecasts 24/7 including software, analysis reports, telephone briefings and the deployment of meteorologists and buoys on site.

Why choose the Met Office for your offshore forecasts? 

  • International forecasting solutions for offshore operations
  • Over 40 years’ experience in the Energy sector
  • The UK’s official weather service and global forecast centre
  • World-leading weather data models
  • Solutions for the entire lifecycle of projects and assets
  • From commissioning through to Operations and Maintenance, and decommissioning
  • Key contributor to understanding climate change
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year

"Our project involved pipelay installation covering quite a complex terrain in nearshore and offshore over 6 months period. Met Office support was essential for its successful execution and greatly appreciated by the Project and Vessel team. Forecast support was prompt, very helpful and the forecast accuracy remained high throughout."

Zafer Ayaz, Assistant Project Manager for Saipem, Johan Sverdrup Export Pipelines Installation

Our solutions for offshore energy at a glance…

  • Safesee™

    Visualise global and site-specific meteorological and oceanographic information, like wind and wave.
  • SafeVoyage™

    Identify safe weather windows for planning the route of a vessel, towing operations or moving equipment and crew. Obtain 5-day ahead forecasts whilst at sea.
  • Tab and Graph

    5-day ahead site-specific forecasts for the management of your day-to-day operations.
  • Marine probability forecasts

    ‘Box and whiskers’ 15-day forecasts displaying wave height, mean wave direction, mean wave period, wind speed and wind direction.
  • Telephone Briefings

    Schedule telephone briefings with a Met Office meteorologist for specific locations and routes including required weather parameters and thresholds.
  • On-site senior operational meteorologist

    Request a Met Office meteorologist to attend planning and safety meetings during times of weather-sensitive operations.
  • Buoys

    Deploy observation buoys to capture real-time weather and marine data for offshore, coastal and inshore environments.
  • Metocean consultancy

    Bespoke analyses for downtime, weather windows, frequency distributions and operational delays using hindcast datasets and statistical modelling techniques.

Additional Services

  • Surge forecasts

    Obtain specialist forecasts to predict water levels in ports, harbours and the likelihood of flooding.
  • 2D spectral wave data

    Get detailed information to understand the impact of seas on the motion of vessels.
  • Weather warnings

    Receive bespoke warnings for weather types like lightning, high winds and extreme weather.

"The Met Office provides good quality weather forecasts in many areas around the world. They customise their forecasts to our requirements."

Marijn Dijk, Head of Naval Architecture - Allseas Engineering B.V.


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