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Our enhanced VisualEyes™ product has been developed in partnership with our customers and offers a whole range of features and benefits to meet your needs.

What is VisualEyes™?

VisualEyes™ is an easy to use, web-based weather alert system for energy operators and maintenance contractors. It provides five-day weather forecasts combined with site-specific, probabilistic charts and bespoke alerting.

Choose from two versions of VisualEyes™:

  • VisualEyes™ (full, strategic asset version)

    Designed for larger operators who require choice from a broad range of animated weather layers and a long range view out to 14 days in the probabilistic weather charts.
  • VisualEyes™ Light

    Offers just as many functions as the strategic asset version, but tailored to the needs of smaller operators, independent service providers and original equipment manufacturers. It provides a concise selection of animated weather layers and a shorter view out to 7 days in the probabilistic weather charts.

Both versions enable you to choose from two distinct views to suit your needs:

  • Control Room for monitoring weather conditions across multiple sites. It includes a map viewer and a collapsible alert panel. This provides an overview of forecast alerts for each site.
  • Weather Chart for forward planning of maintenance activities.

How the two versions compare.

"Using Met Office's VisualEyes™ service gives us the control to monitor exact conditions and make real-time, on-the-ground decisions which have helped to increase our efficiency, and most importantly reduce safety risks to our staff and contractors.”

Mark Gailey, SPR Control Centre Manager

Why choose VisualEyes™?

By using site-specific weather data underpinned by our world-leading science, both versions of VisualEyes™ deliver the following benefits:

  • Manage health and safety risks

    Protect site personnel during construction, operations and maintenance to avoid litigation and other risks.
  • Reduce maintenance costs

    Minimise asset downtime through effective planning of workforce, equipment hire and site access.
  • Increase revenue

    Use the VisualEyes™ planning charts to quickly identify the optimum times for power generation.
  • Stay fully informed wherever you are, with device responsive mobile access

    Access critical site-specific weather conditions wherever you are with email and SMS alerts. VisualEyes™ is compatible with desktops, smartphones and tablets, it is perfect to use while in the control room or on site.

Case study - ScottishPower Renewables

Learn more about VisualEyes™

For more details on the features and benefits of VisualEyes™, download our product information datasheet or watch our short video.

VisualEyes™ user guides

For help using VisualEyes™, please download either our VisualEyes™ quick reference guide or the VisualEyes™ user guide.

Alternatively, perhaps your query will be answered in VisualEyes™ FAQ's.