Mountain weather forecasts

The Premium support - Mountain area polygons for each forecast are available to download; you will need to log in using your Met Office DataPoint Username and Password.

For each area the forecast should cover:

For day one:

  • Overview
  • Risk of occurrence of a selection of hazards
  • Weather symbol summary for three hourly slots
  • Probability of precipitation

For day one and day two a detailed forecast provides:

  • Weather
  • Visibility
  • Hill Fog
  • Maximum winds above 600m East and West Highlands, 500m Lake District and Snowdonia and 400m Brecon Beacons and Peak District (800m Brecon Beacons) Yorkshire Dales
  • Temperature at valley and 900m levels (800m Brecon Beacons)
  • Freezing level
  • The latest pressure chart
  • A 'National Park Authority (NPA) information' freeform text box containing information added by the NPA; this content is optional for the NPA and therefore will not always be present.