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UK PSI re-use data categories


Data categories

Met Office data can be broadly split into the following categories:

  • NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction) Models

    Numerical Weather Prediction model data.
  • Observational data from UK and global marine observations

    Observational data.
  • Rainfall radar data covering the UK, Ireland and much of Europe

    Met Office radar data.
  • Lightning strike detection location data for UK & Ireland, Europe or all LEELA sensed data (nominally global) domains.

    The Met Office LEELA (Lightning Electromagnetic Emission Location by Arrival time difference) system is an automatic lightning location network comprising eleven sensors across Europe. Together these are used to sense lightning flashes over a wide and variable geographical area. 

LEELA lightning strike location data

  •  Satellite data

    The Met Office is the UK Licensing Agent for EUMETSAT satellite data. Commercial entities and organisations who are domiciled in the UK  can obtain a license according to the conditions set by EUMETSAT. Educational and amateur users can register directly with EUMETSAT and obtain free electronic licences.
  •  Global tropical cyclone tracks

The Met Office issues tropical cyclone guidance messages four times per day based on information from its global model

Tropical cyclone track forecast data

  • UK Seasonal Pollen Forecast Service and Historical Pollen Count data

UK Seasonal Pollen Forecast Service and Historical Pollen Count data

  • Media delivery services

    Media delivery services including data, forecasts, guidance and visualisation across all platforms and media.


We are a member of EUMETNET, an Economic Interest Grouping, under Belgian law, located in Brussels and created in 1995. All data that can be used commercially is available under the EUMETNET licence and listed in the EUMETNET catalogue.  

What is the cost of data?

Owing to the wide range of data available, data is priced according to the UK PSI re-use data catalogue. Extraction, handling, service level, distribution and delivery costs may apply.

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