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How can you use the Unified Model?
The Unified Model is available for use outside the Met Office through a licensing agreement aimed at meeting the needs of the user. A number of research organisations and national meteorological services use the Unified Model in collaboration with the Met Office to undertake basic atmospheric process research, produce forecasts, develop the Unified Model code and build and evaluate earth system models.


As part of the Joint Weather and Climate Research Program (JWCRP) between the Met Office and NERC, the Unified Model is also  available for use on the MONSooN High Performance Computing facility to improve collaboration between scientists funded by the two organisations. MONSooN is a shared development platform which provides users with the technical knowledge as well as the ability to run experiments with standard Unified Model configurations. For more information about MONSooN visit the JWCRP page.
More information on the use of the Unified Model, as well as the opportunities and support available for collaboration can be found on the Unified Model Partnership page. For access to model output contact the Met Office enquiries team.
Unified Model configurations at the Met Office
Different systems of the Unified Model are available, customised for resolution and application.