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Data Visualisation and Product Generation Systems

Output from atmospheric and oceanographic models needs to be visualised to make them effective decision aids that can be interpreted by trained meteorologists as well as informed users. To make this possible we provide visualisation software in the form of a complete weather forecasting production system - Horace V.

Horace V is based on IBL Software Engineering's world-leading Visual Weather system. Together, the Met Office and IBL have extended Visual Weather's capabilities and added our range of mission support tools to create this forecasting system. It enables military forecasters and advisors to visualise meteorological and oceanographic data from a range of sources in the most efficient and effective way.

Horace V has been designed to operate at the heart of a Network Enabled Capability (NEC). It is fully compatible with a service-oriented architecture and will enable full interoperability with other meteorological services and with Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and (military) Intelligence (C4I) systems through the use of OGC® compliant web services.