Supporting operations and exercises

As trained meteorologists, our advisors understand the impact weather and the environment have on military operations. They are also able to communicate this information in a way that enables our military to make timely and accurate decisions to gain a battle-winning edge.

Our advisors work closely with British Armed Forces at bases across the UK and overseas at UK permanent bases. Our Mobile Met Unit (MMU) deploy on exercise and to operational theatres, where they work alongside deployed UK and allied forces.

Behind this service is a reliable and efficient delivery system that ensures our advisors, and our counterparts in the Royal Navy, have access to the most up-to-date weather information, whenever and wherever they need it. This includes outputs from our high-resolution forecasting models, which can be set up wherever UK Armed Forces are conducting operations.

Mobile Met Unit (MMU)

The MMU is a Sponsored Reserve Unit of the Royal Air Force consisting of trained meteorologists and engineers. It is an Air Combat Service Support Unit (ACSSU) and can be actively deployed in times of war, crisis, peace-keeping operations and exercises in the UK or overseas. Members of the MMU have been deployed in support of operations continually since 1982.

Joint Operations Meteorology and Oceanography Centre (JOMOC)

A military joint enabling centre, JOMOC is manned by a combination of Met Office and Royal Navy personnel. The centre provides environmental support to joint and single service operations and exercises, including support to a range of British and allied headquarters. Together we provide coherent and accurate weather and ocean services to support military planning and the effective use of platforms, including ships and aircraft, with their associated weapons and sensors.