How to access the Hazard Manager service

Who can access Hazard Manager?

Anyone who works for a Category 1 or Category 2 organisation (as defined in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004) can access Hazard Manager. However, some of the services available through this portal will be restricted to approved users. For example, Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC) products are only available for England and Wales, and FireMet and CHEMET are only available for subscribed users.

Register for access to the service

Before you can access the service you will need to register.

Activating your account

After registering for the service, you will receive an email. You will need to click on the activation link in the email before you can access the service.

To log in (once registered)

Once you have registered for the service and activated your account, click on the below link to access the service. We suggest that you bookmark this link.

Login to Hazard Manager using you username and password

Hazard Manager technical specifications

Hazard Manager is designed to run on all commonly used modern browsers and hardware purchased within the last 3 years. Whilst the Met Office has tested this application extensively, it is not possible to test on all combinations of hardware and software and we must therefore rely on the user to ensure that any issues with the application are not as a result of local hardware, software or communication issues.

The Met Office will continue to develop Hazard Manager, adding new features and ensuring that the application remains current and aligned to these Browser support standards