The Earth globe viewed from space and showing land masses in different colours according to temperature, from blue to red.

Seasonal Climate Outlooks FAQ

How are the countries selected for the Climate Outlook?

The selection of regions and countries for the Climate Outlooks are based on the specification provided by the UK Government's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), as the primary user and stakeholder of this service.
Whilst at this time we will not be including further countries, please let us know where would be useful to add, so that we can include this in our planning for any future service revisions.

Which information and data are used in this forecast?

Links to the information used in the forecast are available in the Additional Information section of the Climate Outlook.  Additional information and data from the Met Office Public Sector Information re-use data catalogue and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) medium and extended range forecasts are used for the month-ahead forecasts and overview.

Where can I access additional seasonal and climate information?

Links to additional information are available in the Additional Information section of the Climate Outlook. Details of Regional Climate Outlook Forums and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services can be found on the World Meteorological Organization website.

Why is your outlook different to…?

There are many differing methodologies for producing seasonal and climate information.  These different methodologies can result in different conclusions, even where the same or similar data are used. Details of the methodology used in the Climate Outlooks is available in the Additional Information section in the Climate Outlook.

Given the lower levels of predictability for seasonal outlooks, compared to shorter-range weather forecasts, decision-making for longer timescales should account for uncertainty.  In addition, the outlook should not be used in isolation but should be used alongside other seasonal and climate information as well as shorter range and more detailed forecasts and warnings.


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A PDF version of this FAQ can be found here.