East Africa climate risk report

The climate risk report for the East Africa region is part of a series of standardised regional climate risk reports the Met Office is producing in collaboration with ODI.   

Understanding future climate risks depends on analysing both future climate conditions, and the socio-economic vulnerabilities exposed by those conditions.  

Climate risks threaten human wellbeing and development. Climate risks for the East Africa region have been explored in this report through exploring their impact of systems including: agriculture and food security, water resources and water dependent services, human health, urban environments and fisheries and coasts. 

These were identified by considering the current climate and climate change model projections from the present day to the 2050s, and their interaction with regional socio-economic vulnerabilities. 


The key findings from the report are summarised in an infographic, which can be downloaded below:

East Africa risk report infographic


Access the full report and appendix information through the links below:

Read the full report

Report appendix


This climate in context methodology document shows the methodology for the climate risk reports.